OCCK Information


In 1986, at the invitation of Taiwanese pastors, Rev. Yonggi cho held the “Asian Saints Visiting Korea” at the Osanri prayer mountain. Over the past 30 years, the conference has grown in size and number, and now it has become an influential prayer hall in the Chinese church community. Many saints who participated in the Asia Saints’ Visits to Korea have experienced the Holy Spirit’s fullness, healing and prayer acceptance on the Mount of Prayer, and they became the driving force behind the revival and healthy growth of the Chinese Church

In order for more brothers and sisters to experience God’s power on the Mount of Prayer, the Yoido Full Gospel Church has decided to hold OCCK (Overseas Chines christian Conference in Korea) at the Choi Ja-sil fasting prayer center in Osan-ri from 2019. This congregation is a global congregation of Chinese. Chinese pastors preach hopeful words, and Chinese worship groups lead grace-filled worship and praise. Through the earnest fasting and prayer of brothers and sisters, the revival of the Chinese Church will surely take place.

Points to Note

*Institution fee: US$150 (free for ages 0-5 and above, US$150 for all ages 6 and above, US$150 for all participants from all over the world).
Fee details: $150 includes seminar, conference souvenir, and 4 nights accommodation at the Prayer Hill (accommodation will be arranged by conference. Please let us know if you have any disabilities or special needs).
*Airfare and Visa: You should purchase and apply the round-trip airfare and visa yourself.
Please let us know your flight details after booking your flight.
* Payment method: Use credit card line on OCCK website.
Duration: 22 July 2024 to 26 July 2024
Venue: Osanri prayer mountain & Yoido Full Gospel Church